Free 18X24 Poster Contest

Free Home Ed has been given the opportunity to sponsor a FREE 18X24 poster contest. The winner of this contest will be able to create your own photo enlargement or custom poster for free!

As a host of this contest, I will also receive an 18X24 poster and I just wanted to let you know what I will do with mine to give you ideas of what you can do with yours. My son has just started taking photography classes and has taken some beautiful images. He plans to enter a contest very soon, so I will use my poster printing gift to enlarge his best image for the competition through digital printing.

To enter the contest you must do one or more of the following. Each item will get you 1 entry.

1. Please leave a comment explaining how you would use the Poster Print if you won.

2. You may also blog about the giveaway and link to my blog as well as (be sure you leave a comment to let me know you did it. )

3. Tweet your Giveaway @uprinting with trending topic ‘#giveaway’ and ask your readers to do the same, (leave a comment to let me know you did it. )

This contest will end 12 midnight EST on September 28, 2009. I will make the announcement by noon on Sept 29. The winner will receive a coupon code for a free 18X24 poster with free shipping and handling. You will need to make sure your photo is high resolution so that it can be sized 18X24.

Good Luck!

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