How to teach

If teaching science makes you uneasy, visit the How to teach science website.

The website was created by a homeschool mom with a strong fascination for nature, most particularly rocks and the human body. She taught science in the public schools for 9 years until she decided to homeschool her own kids.

Here is an excerpt from her website:

"I began to realize that I had inadvertently taught myself what I should have been given all along. That's when I knew what was wrong with the way we teach science.

I knew I had to help my students learn to love science and not to fear it. In my 9th grade and 10th grade classes full of special ed and learning disabled students, I began teaching them the Chemistry and Physics I knew, without their text books. You can just imagine their surprise when I told them they were learning and doing Chemistry and Physics, some of it at a college level and all of it, more difficult than their text books. "

Some of the resources on her website are free... others are not.

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