KISS Grammar

 This is a unique approach to grammar... all of the information on this site is free.

"When most people think of studying grammar, they think of rules (hundreds of), and exceptions (thousands of), and "drill-and-kill" exercises. That is, after all, the way that grammar is currently taught. But it need not be. Currently, too many terms and exceptions are taught, and the concepts for which they stand are not related to each other. The typical textbook, for example, explains subjects and verbs and then gives students twenty numbered sentences (which do not form a coherent text) in which the students are expected to identify the subjects and verbs. Then, in another section, the text explains clauses and gives students an exercise with twenty sentences in which the students are supposed to identify the clauses. Students are NOT expected to apply what they learned about subjects and verbs to their work on clauses. "

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~posted by Andrea from Notes from a Homeschooling Mom

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