It is time for an Exodus of black children from public school.

I had originally posted this on my main blog, but as I wrote it I realized I needed to revamp my old free-home-ed blog for the African American Community.

What I have decided is that black people need to go ahead and take their kids out of school and homeschool.  I never, ever thought I would say such a thing, but the hate crimes in public schools are exploding thanks to the normalization of hate speech in our country due to the beliefs of our dear leader.  Schools are not safe for black kids.

They are not safe physically.

They are not safe emotionally.

They are not safe mentally.

They can't learn in these conditions.

Please don't think I have anything against white people, because I do not... my kids were homeschooled among and with other white kids... most of the time.... most of the time, there are no issues.  But even in a controlled environment, there WERE some issues.  I can't imagine leaving a child in a condition where the teasing, harassment, and undervaluing of them is so rampant.

It is time for an exodus.  I am resurrecting my blog soon to address these issues.

Read: Why black kids should be homeschooled. 
Racism in schools is pushing more black families to homeschool. 

~posted by Andrea from Nearing fifty and having moments 

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