Using PBS Teacher Source as your Homeschool Curriculum
Using PBS Teacher Source as your Homeschool Curriculum may take a bit of organization (or not if you homeschool), but you can be garanteed that by the time they exhaust all of the resources, lessons, and links the website has to offer, there won’t be much left to learn.
Fortunately, the website has a Site Tour for First-Timers
You can use this guide to combine available lesson plans with online activities and program episodes (using the ‘get local’ feature) that correlate to the lessons. The site is organized by both subject and grade level allowing you to easily find the right resource or lesson plan exercise for your children. Using the search feature is another way you can find needed resources. In addition to lesson plans and activities, you will also find a media library and recommended reading and website links.
Combine this resource with PBS kids learning games, and a simple grade level outline you can find on any state or local public school website for guidance.
Using the optional teachers memebership feature, you can access teacher development information and have access to PBS adult education resources.
If you cannot wait for the right PBS show to plan your correlated lesson, you can take advantage of the PBS online store and purchase from the many videos available.

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