Top 10

Here are my top 10 choices for free homeschool websites

  1. Khan Academy This site teaches math, and science through videos.  The math is portion is especially great as it has a diagnostic program that makes sure the student has mastered the lessons.  I recommend a workbook for extra practice and headphones as the teacher in the videos is very soft spoken.
  2. This site teaches many subjects through videos.  My favorite of these is the Destinos Spanish Program. 
  3. This is a video based AP program with questions and quizzes that his very helpful in teaching AP Algebra, Geometry, and several sciences (site has changed considerably) 
  4. MIT Opencourseware  free lecture notes, exams, and videos for college level, AP, Clep level.
  5. Simply Charlotte Mason Curriculum  is dedicated to helping you homeschool your children using the Charlotte Mason method,  wonderful philosophy of education. 
  6. Writing worksheets that will help you lay out and plan many kids of papers. 
  7. Spelling City  is a website that helps your child with spelling drills. Great for all ages and levels. 
  8. Sparknotes has free novels and a great deal of study guides.
  9.  Get free online SAT prep at
  10. Grammar ebooks You will find grammar ebooks, language, math, and SAT preparation

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