About Free Home Ed


About Free Home Education:

Free homeschool resources gives you free homeschool links compiled regularly by a veteran homeschool mom.  I abandoned this site after my family stopped homeschooling, but now I am reviving it to assist African Americans and other marginalized minorities in homeschooling this children. Anyone can use this site, but it will be geared toward the needs of the African American community.

Please contact ahermitt at gmail.com if you run into any broken links as I started this site many years ago. 

I have worked hard to provide this site that gives homeschoolers FREE homeschoolresources. I have also given recommendations to many public school kids whowere falling behind and helped them bring their grades up with the help of someof these websites.

If after viewing the site, you don't find what you are looking for, contact me at ahermitt@gmail.com and I will try to find the right websites and materials tofit your needs.

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