Free and cheap curriculum review for fall 2009

Normally I just present links to free homeschool resources I find, but this year there are some really cool things available, and I thought I would list my favorites... as in what I think would be the best free/cheap course to follow this year. They are as follow: as of right now this is available for $20.00 a month. This is a very fair price to pay for a full interactive computer based curriculum. It starts in early elementary and goes all the way through 8th grade, but not in all subjects. This leads me to my next favorite choice. is a video based FREE program that teaches different subjects through video. You can transition a middle schooler from time4learning into and use the videos to educate your child.

Also, for math, I like Khan Academy. It goes through all grades, but I would start using it when the child is done with time4learning. I would use it to review what the child has done... using this diagnostic program that finds out where the child is, eliminates any educational holes, and guides then through math even to the highest levels of Calculus.

Other programs I also like for supplement are:

Simply Charlotte Mason for a more laid back living books approach to homeschooling, and for upper level online tutorias.

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