Spanish Video Lessons on YouTube

In a search to find an free alternative to Rosetta Stone, here is what I found.
Free Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 videos by tonito frito. These videos do a great job of explaining Spanish grammar. Spanish 2 is still in progress.
The Spanish blog has comprehensive list of videos to help with Spanish Pronunciations. There are 145 video in all with more being added regularly. This person also teaches online classes and has a blog to accompany the videos, but I had a hard time finding lessons to correspond to each video.
Professor Jason has Spanish Videos that teach grammar, and pronunciation. This is college level. Probably good for CLEP study.
Learn Phrases and sentences with Masterspanish's youtube videos. There was to be 40 beginners Spanish Lessons in all (according to the maker of these videos). Right now there are 36 out of 40.

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