Gently Used Homeschool History Book Givaway

My last contest went really well, so I decided to sponsor one of my own. I am giving away a gently used copy of Streams of Civilization to one person on NOVEMBER 1,2009.

For a chance to win the book for yourself, you need to:

1. Write a post on your own blog about a free homeschool website that you use (if you don't have ablog, use twitter or facebook). It has to be one that is not already listed on my site. (There are two search bars on my site that you can use to make sure. One at the top on the header bar, and one under the title. )

2. Add a link to my website in your post:

3. Leave a comment to let me know you have written the post with a url so I can see the post.

To qualify, you have to follow all three steps.

Find out more about Streams of Civilization: Earliest Times to the Discovery of the New World (Vol 1) (79555)

(The purpose of this contest is to find new FREE homeschool resources. I will be listing all of the sites dug up in the contest on my site... with a thank you link back to your blog)

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