Practice for the SAT, GRE, and GMAT at

This website helps you to practice for the SAT exam with problem solving math questions, Critical Reading, writing skills, vocabulary, and more.  There is an 8 week SAT Prep Plan  that you can follow as well.

There is also help for the GRE and the GMAT has more links on Standardized Tests here.

Read:  Homeschoolers and the SAT at Associated

Most College Bound Homeschoolers Take the SAT. The SAT score alone in many cases will eliminate the need for the student to prove that his or her education is valid. A good SAT score often speaks for itself. In addition the SAT, some homeschoolers also take the PSAT, the ACT, or other tests. There are also SAT I and SAT II tests that some colleges require. I am discussing the SAT here because this test is generally universal. Here is what you should know about the SAT tests if you are a homeschooler. read more>

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