Why Free Home Ed?

There is a misconception that only wealthy or upper middle class families or white families can afford to homeschool.  There are also misconceptions that only families with a mom and dad present can homeschool.

Now, there will be issues of those families needed to be more creative, of course, such as creative scheduling, and finding no cost and low cost resources.  These are not the only people that need free and low cost resources.  In my case, we have opted to spend our homeschool budget on superior arts training.  This means private lessons, classes, clubs, etc.  We found all of this in one program, and the cost can be high for two high school level kids.  We balance that out with free resources such as those found in this blog.

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Our main free resources for our homeschooling journey were:  Hippocampus.org, learner.org, BYKI.com, and Khan Academy... Guttenberg free literature is also a mainstay in our home.

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