Battery Park, Ellis Island, Et All!

The day before I left New York, I visited Ellis Island.  I had been living there my whole life and never went there.  This guest blog is a reminder to tell you to get out and enjoy the world as part of your homeschool experience.

Guest post written by Melanie Zebbles

On the last day of our New York trip, my husband Gary and I went down to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty. We took a little boat over to Ellis Island, and I just couldn't believe the time we had. We have ancestors that came to America, and we tried to imagine what their experience was like coming into New York harbor and seeing the famous statue. It was really something significant to think about. I mean, can you even imagine what that was like? In any case, it made for a really great thing to do on our last day in New York.

In all, our trip was great. New York is so much busier and louder than where we're from, but that's also what makes it special. I went to just in time for our trip, and I'm glad I did. It's quite an astounding city and an architectural masterpiece. It's hard to imagine how the city was ever put together, but it's really something to marvel at. After visiting, I would love to go back again someday! Maybe next fall? Maybe!

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