Atoms and Molecules Unit Study

Enjoy this free science unit study on Atoms and Molecules courtesy of

This excellent Atoms and Molecules unit study is designed for homeschoolers ages 8 to 13.  It is taken from the book Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers:

"If you are a homeschooler or teacher who is looking for fun ideas on how to teach science, then this book is for you! Its hands-on approach is designed to capture students’ interest and promote a love of science and learning. The first ten chapters are for younger children ages 4-7, while the second ten chapters are for children ages 8-13. Each chapter is filled with fun science activities that teach a particular science concept. The activities are designed to use common household items, so you won’t need to buy lots of expensive scientific equipment or chemicals. This book is sure to get your kids loving science!"

This book contains more unit studies from the author.   

~posted by Andrea from Notes from a Homeschooling Mom

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