Math4children strives to make learning and teaching math fun.  You will find lessons for grades pre-k-7.

From the site author:

The idea to build this site came one day when he watched with pain how his elder sister tried to teach her two kids math. Jude noticed how painful the lesson was, both for the teacher and kids. He then wondered how many parents and teachers were struggling with the same problem of teaching math to children. Being a very hands-on person, he set about crafting exercises to help his sister teach the little kids. He drew inspiration from his elder brother Kisito whose kid’s website is saving teachers and parents’ lives across the globe.
Though bugged down by his lecturer job at the university he often found time to create exercises to help his sister teach the kids math.
With the remarkable progress made by his little nephews using materials he created, Jude teamed up with his brother Kisito to start , with the same goal of helping parents and teachers with the daunting task of teaching math to kids.

 ~posted by Andrea from Notes from a Homeschooling Mom

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