Free Language Arts Activity Packs from PBS

PBS Teachers Activity Packs: Reading and Language Arts

Age Range: 8-18 (Grades 3-12)

(You do NOT have to install the widget to access the activity packs.)

*PBS Resources - Explore an assortment of PBS resources
compiled from the programs they have offered on topics such as
African-American poets and authors, the biographies and works
of American masters in literature including Mark Twain, the
life and legacy of poet Emily Dickinson and author Ernest
Hemingway, and more.

*PBS Activities - Here you'll find what amounts to lesson
plans with activities for learning about novelist Ralph
Ellison (grades 6-12), Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Katherine
Porter (grades 7-12), beloved children's author Maurice Sendak
(grades 3-5), and author of "The Great Gatsby" - F. Scott
Fitzgerald (grades 6-12). Click on any one and a menu opens
within the widget providing an outline of the activity along
with links to resources and lesson plans that include
printable materials.

But that's not all. PBS offers widgets for many more subjects

*The Arts - Art history and music.
*Health and Fitness
*Science and Technology - oceans, earth day, forensic science
and more.
*Social Studies - global populations, the presidency, and
democracy around the world.

You can access them all through the main PBS Teacher Activity
Packs page here:

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